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Companies are now more vulnerable to adversaries than ever. Prevent threats with WatchGuard Endpoint Protection Detection and Response (EPDR), a Cloud-based cybersecurity solution that automates the detection, containment, and response to any threat, zero day malware, ransomware, phishing, in-memory exploits, and more.

Access the widest range of protection (EPP) technologies with EDR capabilities and these automated services that are included at no extra cost – Zero-Trust Application Service and Threat Hunting Service – both ensuring that all alerts are effectively managed.

Request your free WatchGuard Endpoint Protection Detection and Response (EPDR) license for up to 60 days and:

  • Detect new and unknown malware with the Zero-Trust Application Service, an advanced form of machine learning
  • Stop ransomware before it spreads
  • Block attackers from using exploit techniques
  • Explore the highest level of endpoint security with integrated EPP and EDR capabilities
  • Take the worry out of cleanup with automated threat remediation
  • Manage your endpoint security through one easy-to-use console

You can also request a free license through your preferred WatchGuard Security Partner. If you already have an account with WatchGuard, simply activate your account in WatchGuard Cloud.

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Don’t want to wait any longer? You can get started with our quick activation guide today! We’ll be in touch to make sure everything is set up correctly.

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