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What We Can Learn from the History of ICS

ICS (Infrastructure Control Systems) attacks have been a hot topic lately, with the Biden Administration’s July Memorandum on Improving Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Control Systems. Unfortunately, ICS attacks are nothing new – so what’s to be done? In a new Dark Reading article from WatchGuard’s Chief Security Officer Corey Nachreiner, he outlines the history of ICS attacks and explains why, in order to quell the surge in such attacks, we must learn from past. Here’s just one key lesson from his story:

ICS Is Susceptible to Ransomware. Historically, ICS attacks seemed the realm of nation-state and terrorist threat actors, but now cybercriminals have come to play too. Our 2019 ICS prediction came true when Norsk Hydro, a global aluminum smelter company, got infected by ransomware, causing it to shut down some products and revert to manual processes. More recently, this happened with the Colonial Pipeline.”

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