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Webinar: Top Security Threats Worldwide - Q3 2021

In a perfect world we’d all have infinite resources to devote to securing our assets and users, but the unfortunate fact is that is never the case. Thanks to the tens of thousands of perimeter appliances that opted in to threat intelligence sharing and tens of millions of endpoints reporting in with the latest blocked threats, we can offer you defensive strategy guidance on where to focus your attention so you too can stay one step of current threat actors. 

Join WatchGuard CSO Corey Nachreiner and Security Operations Manager Marc Laliberte as they discuss key findings from the latest Internet Security Report Q3 from the WatchGuard Threat Lab.

The report highlights the latest malware, network attacks and malicious domains targeting small and midmarket enterprises. In this session, you’ll come away with:

  • The malware attacks and techniques targeting organizations worldwide
  • The latest network attacks impacting network-connected clients, servers and applications
  • A look at the endpoint and evasive threats that reach their destination
  • Defensive learnings and tools to defend against an evolving threat landscape

When? January 18, 2022 | 8am PST (4pm GMT)

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