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Webinar: Keeping Up with the Threat Landscape

Threats are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the cybersecurity challenges organizations face are growing. In Q1, WatchGuard blocked a total of more than 21.5 million malware variants (274 per device) and nearly 4.7 million network threats (60 per device). Attacks involving ransomware more than doubled the total number of detections for all of 2021 and data breaches are affecting individuals, municipalities and nation-states, businesses large and small, and public utilities and resources.

On top of the added complexity in the threat landscape, the world also faces a huge shortfall in cybersecurity talent. Despite this, understanding these trends and anticipating how and why attackers might single out your business operations or employees is more critical than ever.

Customers also should be able to go about their business with the peace of mind that they have a partner equipped with the advanced tools to meet their needs and qualified professionals who can provide them with an optimal service.

In this webinar, Marc Laliberte, director of security operations at WatchGuard, give you a view of the latest threat landscape, including the attack tools and techniques you need to defend against.

We cover:

  • The latest threat trends targeting SMBs
  • Specific attack techniques used today
  • Defensive tips for securing your network

Watch this on-demand webinar now!

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