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Webinar: The Changing Face of Endpoint Security in a 5G World

5G represents a leap towards an always-connected future, eliminating the need to rely on public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Along with the introduction of always-on connectivity comes new security and management challenges. To face them, WatchGuard and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. are working together to enable sophisticated protection for data and devices from chip to Cloud. Partners and customers can access this offering by purchasing Snapdragon compute platform-powered 5G laptops and WatchGuard Endpoint Security from authorized distributors, and by applying licenses to such devices the same way they have for PC devices previously.

We invite you to discover the key benefits of this partnership and how to deal with The Changing Face of Endpoint Security in a 5G World  by registering for our webinar.

“The recent surge of Cloud-enabled remote workforces has expanded the traditional network perimeter and introduced many new security risks. At the same time, the global shortage of skilled security professionals makes organizations more vulnerable to threat actors. These pressures highlight the importance of adopting Cloud-based security solutions with built-in endpoint security features,” said Gianluca Busco Arré, vice president, global endpoints sales at WatchGuard. “Our WatchGuard Endpoint Security service brings automated threat prevention, detection, containment and response to devices utilizing Snapdragon compute platforms, ensuring today’s workforces can enjoy premium performance, connectivity and security on industry-leading Windows-based Snapdragon compute-enabled 5G PCs.”

WatchGuard Endpoint Security Solutions for 5G PCs powered by Snapdragon compute platforms protect distributed work environments from sophisticated threats. “We believe that businesses today deserve PCs that unlock user productivity and efficiency, while protecting corporate data and assets from the security risks present in current work environments,” said Rami Husseini, director, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “By enabling OEMs to pair WatchGuard’s advanced endpoint security capabilities with the cutting-edge experiences of 5G and 4G LTE cellular connectivity enabled by the Snapdragon compute platforms, we’re redefining secure, work-from-anywhere computing.”

In this webinar, we will explore the changing face of endpoint security in a 5G world, including: 

  1. The evolution of enterprise mobility and Cloud computing  
  1. How 5G computing will change enterprise IT security  
  1. What the benefits are for clients and partners  
  1. Discover more about WatchGuard Endpoint Security products and modules available for laptops powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon compute platforms.


  • Gianluca Busco Arre, Vice President, Global Endpoint Sales Acceleration at WatchGuard 
  • Rami Husseini, Director of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies 

When? June, 29 2021- 8 AM PDT (3pm GMT)

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