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3 security strategies that will boost employee productivity

Security and productivity are two key areas of priority for any business leader. With the current trends in cybersecurity and remote work, companies want to provide access to capabilities that the digital workforce needs, with minimal impact on their experience and minimal risk. 

In the search for a good balance between data security and productivity, is cybersecurity awareness training enough? Some even find it a challenge.


 But what if we looked at investing in technologies that address security and operational efficiency at the same time? In a recent survey of 300+ tech leaders, respondents ranked cybersecurity as the top priority for IT spending in 2022.

Top IT priorities this quarter

Here are three strategies that can help businesses unleash the power of productivity without impacting risk tolerance:


Automating systems and applications is the way to keep up with workforce enablement in a hybrid infrastructure. It can eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline daily operations. For example, automated vulnerability scanning tools can manage potential risks that naturally occur when using operating systems and third-party applications.

Continuous Monitoring

Remote access policies can easily be one of the areas where security measures can negatively impact productivity. In current remote work trends, this is not an option. With continuous monitoring in place, security and user-behavior analytics can help assess potential risks and activate a response when needed.

Identity-Focused Protection

People represent the most significant point of vulnerability in any organization. Educating users to be aware of threats and improve passwords is a no-brainer, but relying on consistent application of best practices alone is a losing proposition. Implementing identity-focused security is key to avoiding data loss and protecting user access. The low-hanging fruit in this department is multi-factor authentication.

These strategies bring together three key elements of any organization: technology (automation), processes (continuous monitoring), and people (identity security). The end goal? To motivate decision-makers to take a proactive approach of using technologies that will modernize operations and improve people’s work experience.

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