WatchGuard Webinar

Surviving the Colonial Pipeline and Other Big Game Ransomware Attacks

Over the past few years, big game ransomware attacks have plagued businesses, healthcare organizations, managed service providers (MSPs) and more, but on May 10th we also saw these attacks shutdown a critical infrastructure oil pipeline. While ubiquitous, shotgun-style spammed ransomware may have dropped in volume, more sophisticated, big-game ransomware attacks targeting business has greatly increased in success and financial impact. These ransomware attacks tend to leverage more sophisticated attack techniques driven by the criminal underground delivering malware as a service. In this presentation, WatchGuard CSO Corey Nachreiner and technical security operations manager Marc Laliberte detail the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, and others, so you can learn from these unfortunate incidents. The talk will cover:

  • Technical details about the Colonial Pipeline attack
  • General trends around this and other big game ransomware attacks
  • How ransomware-as-a-service works
  • How attackers exploit living-off-the-land and fileless malware techniques to evade security controls
  • Why authentication is the weakest link without stronger methods
  • Most importantly, defense tips and security strategies that will both help you prevent the latest attack techniques and survive big game ransomware

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