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Log, Report, and Quarantine Server deprecation

Deprecation of older WatchGuard Server components

WatchGuard is announcing the deprecation of some older server components. WSM v12.8.x releases will still include these server components. Higher WSM releases, v12.9 and later, will include only the WSM Client and Management Server, and will not include the following: 

  • WatchGuard Log Server
  • WatchGuard Report Server
  • WatchGuard Quarantine Server  

WSM Log and Report servers have served well since their introduction in Fireware 10, but they no longer represent the best options available to our customers. WatchGuard now provides superior logging and reporting solutions. WatchGuard Cloud, our cloud-based visibility solution, includes 30 days log and report storage with Total Security Suite. Dimension is available on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V for those customers that want to maintain an on premises log and report server. 

The Quarantine Server no longer aligns well with the email services our customers deploy and operate today, such as Office 365 and web-based email solutions. Customers can continue to use the quarantine server on existing installations, and the Fireware OS will keep the option to send email to quarantine. 

WatchGuard continues to actively develop and support the WSM Management Server. The recent v12.8 release include new features to support management server templates for SD-WAN. 


For Sales or Support questions, you can find phone numbers for your region online. If you contact WatchGuard Technical Support, please have your registered appliance Serial Number or Partner ID available.

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