Upgrade Firmware from WatchGuard Cloud

From WatchGuard Cloud, you can upgrade the firmware for a Firebox that runs Fireware OS v12.5.2 or higher. You can run the upgrade immediately or schedule it for a future time.

The number of devices available for upgrade also shows on the Monitor > Fireboxes > Device Summary page when you select the top-level folder.

To see and manage firmware upgrades:

  1. Select Configure > Fireboxes.
  2. Select the top-level folder.
  3. Select Firmware Upgrades.

The Firmware Upgrades Overview section shows the total number of Fireboxes with each of these upgrade statuses:

  • Devices ready to upgrade now — Devices that are online, with an upgrade available
  • Devices scheduled to upgrade — Devices that have an upgrade scheduled
  • Devices pending upgrade — Devices that have an upgrade in progress
  • Devices failed to upgrade — Devices that failed to upgrade

To filter the device list on this page, you can click a tile, or select the view filter from the drop-down list above the device list.

To upgrade firmware for one or more devices:

  1. In the Firmware Upgrades window, click Upgrade Firmware.
    The Upgrade Firmware wizard opens. You can also click the Upgrade icon in the Firmware Version column to open the wizard.

Screen shot of Upgrade Firmware wizard, Select Firmware Version

  1. From the Firmware Version drop-down list, select the firmware version to upgrade to. The three most recently released versions of Fireware OS appear in the list. This list can include Fireware beta releases. For information on how to enable Fireware beta releases, see Enable Beta Features and Applications.
  2. Click Next.
    The Select Devices page opens.

Screen shot of Upgrade Firmware wizard, Select Devices

  1. From the list of devices, select the devices to upgrade. Click Next.
    The Schedule Upgrade page opens.

Screen shot of Upgrade Firmware wizard, Schedule Upgrade

  1. Select the date and time to upgrade the firmware. If you select Schedule upgrade, specify the Start Date, Start Time, and Time Zone when the upgrade will occur. Click Next.
  2. The default time zone for a scheduled upgrade is based on the time zone of the web browser. Make sure that the selected upgrade time and time zone correspond to the local time you want to upgrade each selected Firebox.

  3. Click Next.
  4. Confirm the upgrade details. Click Save.

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