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WatchGuard Cloud Introduces Enhancements for Managed Service Providers

WatchGuard Cloud now features enhanced account management capabilities specifically designed to make the job of managing subscriber accounts and devices easier for managed service providers (MSPs).

The updated Service Provider interface allows MSPs to view and manage all of their Subscriber and Service Provider accounts from one page. This new interface saves time for Service Providers as they no longer have to pivot into the subscriber view of their managed accounts to make changes.

WatchGuard's new Service Provider interface is now aligned with the Subscriber interface and includes a new Account Manager and Top Navigation Pane.

Account Manager is located in the left pane of the WatchGuard Cloud window, and includes a list of all of an MSP’s managed accounts. A search function in Account Manager allows MSPs with high numbers of subscribers to quickly find particular accounts.

With Account Manager you can:

  • View/Add accounts
  • View/Add devices and folders

In addition to the Account Manager, the new Service Provider interface also includes an updated Top Navigation. The Top Navigation allows you to navigate between Monitor, Configure, Inventory and Administration, all while staying in the context of a selected account.

WatchGuard Cloud screenshot

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WatchGuard regularly updates and improves on the WatchGuard Cloud platform. To learn more about the developments to WatchGuard Cloud, please refer to the “What’s New In WatchGuard Cloud” presentation, and most recent Release Notes.


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