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TDR AD Helper Urgent Security Improvement

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Good morning TDR Users,

WatchGuard has released an AD Helper update, to be deployed immediately. This update resolves an issue found by RedTeam Pentesting GmbH and improves the security of the AD Helper. WatchGuard thanks RedTeam Pentesting GmbH for reporting this issue so that we could resolve it quickly. 

In AD Helper version and higher, the service that runs the AD Helper Configuration UI will only be available locally through the loopback IP address (localhost/ This means that users must now log in to the computer locally to access the AD Helper Configuration UI. 

Please make sure that your AD Helper is up-to-date and runs version or higher. If your AD Helper runs a lower version and cannot auto-update, you must manually update your AD Helper.

If your AD Helper cannot communicate with TDR or cannot auto-update:

  1. Open the AD Helper UI and copy the domain information.
  2. Use the Windows Settings or Control Panel to uninstall AD Helper.
  3. Log in to TDR.
  4. Select Devices > AD Helper.
  5. Follow the instructions to download and install AD Helper.
  6. Open the AD Helper UI and specify the domain information you copied in Step 1.



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