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New Version of MSSP Command Now Available in Partner Portal

We have redesigned the MSSP Command application to provide a more responsive experience. The new user interface focuses on better analytics and reporting features to simplify the usage of points as well as how the costs can be billed to customers.


What’s New in the MSSP Command:

The updated dashboard includes new filters to manage product lines more efficiently and a new download feature to export product usage data. Other updated sections:

MSSP UI Redesign

New widgets and notification top bar for better visualization

The new widgets provide a persistent view across all navigation screens for quick access to the most important data you need.

mssp charts

Improved analytics dashboard

Updated points activity to show debits and credits, allocation chart to show how your points are consumed monthly, and a transaction history with a downloadable audit report allow you a detailed view into your MSSP business. The audit report also includes user data so you can always know the who, what, and when of your points usage.

MSSP Settings

Updated Settings Tab

Easily add multiple email recipients or customize this to your notifications system to ensure that you always know what is happening. Additionally, MSSP Command will now notify you if you are below the required points threshold for your next renewal!

MSSP Filter

Improved filters and navigation for product management

Quickly filter to the products and services you want to see in both Network Security and Off-Network User Protection. We have also added the ability to download license counts for our SaaS product portfolio so you can see your current user count without having to navigate the UI.


If you are already an MSSP Command user, the new version should feel very familiar while layering several much asked for improvements. This new experience launched on January 11th and is now live for all MSSP partners through the partner portal. If you haven’t opted in to use our points program yet, please reach out to your WatchGuard account representative to get started!


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