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New Product Release: Panda Email Protection

Email continues to be a significant attack vector for malware and credential theft through phishing. Accounting for over 50% of all email traffic, spam is the most intrusive way that cybercriminals try to introduce malware and viruses into corporate systems. In fact, it's estimated that as many as 40% of ransomware attacks begin with an email. To protect against spam and other harmful email threats, Panda Email Protection offers a comprehensive set of features and thorough filtering mechanisms to keep customer mailboxes free of annoying and harmful spam, among other challenges.

What is Panda Email Protection?

Panda Email Protection is a Cloud-based, multi-layer security solution designed to prevent unwanted emails that deliver immediate protection and effective filtering technologies against phishing attacks, malware, and spam. Panda Email Protection offers a wide range of measures against phishing and malware attacks, including ransomware. This release expands prevention and response technologies in our portfolio offering.

What is new with this release?

Simple Management

  • Security from the Cloud: Email Protection requires no client infrastructure. All operations are performed in the Cloud
  • Easy to access: security can be managed anytime, anywhere from the web console
  • One-click release: emails in quarantine (spam or info emails) can be delivered from the quarantine report with a click of the mouse.

Maximum Protection

  • Phishing filter: Anti-phishing mechanisms such as link tracking and detection of reloadable malicious script commands.
  • Automatic virus signature update: the specialized email malware filters are constantly updated
  • Bounce management and Outbound filtering: outgoing emails are checked for spam and viruses

Real-time Monitoring

  • Email Live Tracking: real-time log monitoring, including relevant information such as SMTP trace and headers.
  • Reporting: Statistics and reports of emails filtered by different criteria such as email type, user, and time

Business Continuity Service

  • High availability of email service
  • Automatic email data synchronization
  • Storage of email traffic
  • Display of already delivered emails
  • Continuous access to emails with Webmailer
  • Selective service provision

Need more info?

For more details on Panda Email Protection, please visit the Panda Security Operations page.

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