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DNSWatchGo for Chromebooks Beta

Greetings WatchGuard Beta community! We are proud to announce the open Beta for the DNSWatchGO Chrome extension for Chromebooks. With the DNSWatchGO Chrome extension, you can extend the protection of DNSWatch to provide consistent policy enforcement and security protection when your users leave the safety of your network. Similar to the DNSWatchGO Client on Windows devices, the DNSWatchGO Chrome extension provides DNS-level protection for users with Chrome. When the Chrome browser opens a site, the Chrome extension queries the DNSWatch servers to check if the site is malicious. 

To participate in this beta test, you must have: 

  • A DNSWatchGO license (or trial license) 

  • A Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) administrative account. This gives you access to the Google Admin Console where you manage Google services for people in an organization, school, or group.  

At a high level, to get started: 

  1. Download the DNSWatchGO Chrome extension file from the DNSWatch web UI. 

  2. From the Google Admin Console, configure and deploy the DNSWatchGO Chrome extension. 

To participate in the Beta just click here to visit the Beta Site for further instructions.  

Again, we appreciate your help in beta testing this new feature. Thanks for your help in making our products better! 

The WatchGuard Beta Team   

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