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Wi-Fi is no longer just a means to connect us to the Internet. The explosion of mobile devices has now reached a point where, in general, most of the population has a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone, tablet, watch, etc. In our Wi-Fi-connected world, we know you need visibility into crucial information such as signal strength coverage, wireless client bandwidth consumption, access point utilization, application visibility, and client distribution to make sure you always have the full picture. Customizable reports for important data such as association analytics, RF performance, bandwidth consumption, security compliance, and WIPS security events also need to be easily scheduled for convenient delivery to your inbox to make sure you have the information you need, when you need it.

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Viewing by Location, Floor, and Groups

Reports, dashboard widgets, configuration templates and various analytics information is viewable at many levels in our WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud utilizing the hierarchical tree structure. Admins can create unlimited nested folders to represent buildings, floors, or any other meaningful group. Selecting a top-level folder shows aggregate analytics of all child folders. Selecting a child folder only shows analytics at that level.

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Application Visibility

With our Wi-Fi Cloud, network administrators gain visibility into applications that are operating in the Wi-Fi network. With application visibility, you can monitor and reports on more than 1,300 Layer 2 and above applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., and mandate some fair usage policies to minimize network congestion due to heavy application-level traffic.

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Configurable Dashboards

We understand everyone has their own preferences for the most relevant Wi-Fi network information that they want to see at a glance. Integrated with the Wi-Fi Cloud’s hierarchical tree structure, customizable dashboard widgets enable administrators to set up their own views that show them information at whatever folder level they’ve selected. This gives administrators the power to quickly view the network, access point, client, and WIPS security information at any folder level, including top-level aggregate views.

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Stay on top of your game with pre-defined and customizable templates for automated reporting of Wi-Fi threats, Wi-Fi usage, client inventory, compliance status, and performance. The powerful reporting engine of the Wi-Fi Cloud allows administrators to schedule the reports of their choice, based on any folder level, to be delivered automatically to email recipients. Whether you need a Wi-Fi PCI compliance report, WIPS security status, bandwidth audit, or simply a device inventory report, the Wi-Fi Cloud has these pre-defined for you and ready to be scheduled for hourly, daily, or monthly email delivery.

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