Partner Success Story - Ntiva

MSP Serves as a Cyber Security Expert for Their Customers with WatchGuard


Ntiva, a managed service provider (MSP), was officially founded in 2004, doubling in size to about 30 people by 2008 and hitting the 100+ employee mark by 2016. Fast forward to 2019, and through a combination of organic growth and multiple acquisitions, Ntiva now has over 200 employees who service over 1,000 clients across multiple locations, primarily in the Midwest and east coast of the US. Ntiva works with any and all industries looking to outsource their IT, cyber security or network maintenance and monitoring. To better service their customer base, Ntiva put in place key initiatives to keep them on a course of continual improvement, which included addressing the three top pain points that customers care most about – response, accuracy and care.

Ntiva chose WatchGuard because it was both affordable and had the technical capabilities they were looking for in a security vendor. Ntiva ensures their customers are protected from the latest security threats, and also offers regular monitoring of the network. “We are always flexible when we are working with our customers. WatchGuard allows us to fully customize our offering to our customers, at a price point that is practical for the features it offers,” explains Steven Freidkin, CEO at Ntiva.


With WatchGuard’s advanced network security services, Total Security Suite, and Wi-Fi solutions, Ntiva feels confident that they can secure their customers’ networks, while still able to deliver services at an affordable and reasonable price. Combining easy monitoring and management, Ntiva can dynamically tailor their offering to fit each of their customer’s business needs.

Steven notes, “We offer everything from threat prevention, threat detection, remediation and response and much more from a cyber security standpoint. The advanced network security services and Wi-Fi from WatchGuard has been very helpful in protecting our customers from the latest threats and most importantly, meeting their cyber security needs.”

Ntiva currently holds a Gold status in the WatchGuardONE program. With the support of their local WatchGuard sales teams, they can leverage the best pricing possible with rebates and marketing development funds (MDF). This allows Ntiva to build and execute marketing plans that align with their strategic business objectives. Additionally, as a benefit of being a WatchGuardONE partner, they are able to accept, manage, and convert leads to opportunities alongside WatchGuard’s interactive interface with built-in CRM functionality. Holly Dowden, VP of marketing, adds, “The leads that WatchGuard provides and the MDF has been essential in growing our customer base. It’s nice to know that we can reach out to our local WatchGuard field team if we have any questions and they are more than willing to support us.”


Ntiva is continuously able to grow their business by protecting their customers against the latest security threats with the help of WatchGuard’s products and solutions. Additionally, Ntiva can leverage their benefit as a Gold partner in the WatchGuardONE program when it comes to support and pricing. This ultimately helps Ntiva grow their customer base while retaining their existing customers. “We’ve been working with WatchGuard for a while now and we’ve always been thankful that we can conveniently sell their solutions to our customers, no matter what industry they are in. From phishing protection to malware threats, we are always continuously monitoring our customers’ networks - but luckily WatchGuard automates this process for us. Plus, WatchGuard sends us leads and rebates, which contributes to our growth as an MSP,” concludes Steven.

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