Partner Success Story - Complete I.T.

MSP Takes a Multi-Layered Approach to Security with WatchGuard


Complete I.T., located in the UK, has been providing IT support and security services as a managed service provider (MSP) in the UK for over 25 years. Currently, with over 700 customers, and eight offices in the UK, Complete I.T. focuses on providing services to small to midsize businesses and non-profit organizations. With a team of over 140 technical experts, Complete I.T. provides technical support to all its customers by taking a multi-layered approach to security. Because Complete I.T. has the technical expertise and accreditations to resolve their customers’ issues, they are also able to customize each offering to fit each customer’s business need.

Complete I.T. looked to WatchGuard to deliver a multi-layered approach to security for their customers. “We’ve been helping organizations to enhance their IT infrastructure for over 25 years now. Our partnership with WatchGuard allows us to customize our customer’s security solution and apply advanced security services so they are protected against the latest security threats,” explains Jessica Symondson, Marketing Director of Complete I.T.


Complete I.T. offers advanced network security and multi-factor authentication (MFA) from the WatchGuard portfolio, enabling them to deliver multi-layered security protection. Complete I.T. launches every product internally in the first instance and provides training to their team on how to educate their clients on both the benefits of the solution from a business and technical perspective. “The first thing we do is to teach our technical consultants and account management team how to effectively deploy advanced network security services and MFA from WatchGuard. As a result, we’ve always had successful deployments both internally and externally,” comments Jessica.

WatchGuard and their distribution partners have also provided training to over 70 Complete I.T. engineers ensuring they are fully enabled to deliver WatchGuard’s portfolio of multi-factor authentication and network security services.

Complete I.T. also works closely with their local WatchGuard field marketing team to implement a range of co-operative marketing campaigns and to utilize the marketing campaign content from WatchGuard’s Partner Portal to fit their own business objectives. “Support from the local WatchGuard team from an account management, technical and marketing perspective has always been helpful, timely and really beneficial for us,” says Jessica.


Complete I.T. and WatchGuard have worked together to create a powerful partnership. In fact, Complete I.T. was acknowledged as the Partner of the Year for 2019 in the UK. They were also a finalist in the EMEA Partner of the Year category.

With WatchGuard’s security offering, Complete I.T. continues to recommend WatchGuard to all its customers. Jessica concludes: “WatchGuard is part of our cyber security offering for our customers and this has been a tremendous help in growing our MSP business. Because we use a consultative approach with our customers, WatchGuard is the perfect fit.”

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