Partner Success Story - Chrysalis MSP

Chrysalis MSP Grew Its Business 60% by Switching to WatchGuard

Chrysalis MSP wanted a security vendor that would help their business grow

Chrysalis MSP is a managed service provider with over 20 years of experience providing reliable and affordable IT services to small and medium-sized businesses in Texas. Difficulties adopting, deploying, and managing its previous security vendor’s solutions hampered Chrysalis MSP’s ability to grow and prompted the company to search for a partner that offered simplified, powerful, and scalable security products and services.

Gregory Bledsoe, CEO of Chrysalis MSP, said of the company’s previous security vendor, “In terms of adopting their technology and utilizing it, it was really difficult to keep up. From the management commitment to the financial aspects and even their central management tool, it all became really tedious and expensive for my team to maintain.”

Following an intensive search, Chrysalis MSP began its partnership with WatchGuard Technologies in 2020. Within the following few years, Chrysalis MSP had adopted WatchGuard’s full set of comprehensive security solutions – Network Security, Endpoint Security, Secure Wi-Fi, and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Chrysalis MSP and its customers were attracted to WatchGuard’s unified approach to security, resulting in massive business growth

Chrysalis MSP was drawn to WatchGuard’s simplified approach to security management and flexibility to scale protection to address its customers’ ever-changing security challenges. Referring to WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform® architecture, Chris Harvey, vice president of technology, commented, “Having all WatchGuard products integrated and easily managed from a single pane of glass in WatchGuard Cloud has been incredibly effective and efficient. Before, we had to go through five to seven different management portals to manage and monitor different facets of our products. But with WatchGuard, it’s much simpler.”

After adopting WatchGuard’s entire set of comprehensive security solutions, Chrysalis achieved 60% growth in revenue. Bledsoe shared, “Our growth didn’t come from adding new customers, but from our existing customer base. Once my team understood WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform approach, we were able to sell the entire security tech stack to our customers who wanted simpler cybersecurity management. I’ve covered more ground and achieved more growth in the last couple of years with WatchGuard than in the ten years with its competitors.”

“Interestingly, most MSPs are trying to figure out the ‘Security Plus’ offering. WatchGuard gives you that all-in-one platform, which is incredibly cost-effective in the long run,” added Bledsoe.

A partner training program that is truly included

In addition to the Unified Security Platform approach, Chrysalis MSP was attracted to WatchGuardONE, with WatchGuard’s built-in partner training program, as a driver for building security expertise and growing its business. Bledsoe recalled, “I went over to the WatchGuard table at an event and inquired about its trainings. I was surprised to hear that it was included with the purchase. Skeptical, I asked again if it was at no additional cost and was told that it truly was included – technical trainings and all.”

“There’s a huge advantage to going through WatchGuard’s training process, completing its certifications, and learning about the capabilities of its products. My team members have all tried it, and they love it! When I go to a customer, it takes me a short amount of time to be up to speed in terms of what’s better and the competitive advantage of all these different WatchGuard products because of WatchGuardONE. The WatchGuardONE program is just put together right. MSPs or MSSPs looking for a security platform and partner to be successful with can definitely scale with WatchGuard and its partner program.”

“I came into the industry with a non-technical background. WatchGuard has been helpful, informative, and personal in helping me to confidently communicate in an educated, well-informed level with clients about cybersecurity,” added Tony Alberti, customer success manager at Chrysalis MSP.

Becoming more scalable with WatchGuard’s FlexPay program

Chrysalis MSP was also drawn to WatchGuard’s flexible payment program, FlexPay, which enables partners to select from a variety of options for purchasing and delivering WatchGuard products based on the business model that best suits their needs. The program was perfectly suited for the type of flexibility and agility Chrysalis MSP wanted for itself and to extend to its customers. “In the MSP world, our customers like monthly payments based on subscriptions. With FlexPay, we don’t have to go out and tell customers you need strong cybersecurity, and it’s also going to cost you an arm and a leg up front. Instead, we’re making security affordable and something they can invest in over time,” said Bledsoe.

“It’s been exciting working with WatchGuard. We’re excited about the company’s evolving security capabilities, its Unified Security Platform approach, and its vision for the future. We have confidence in WatchGuard’s ability to continue delivering the security platform that we need to service our customers. At the end of the day, for me, it’s about the value that we add to our customers. As long as you guys keep delivering all that, then we are all in,” concluded Bledsoe.

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