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BrevAll Delivers Future-Ready Technology From WatchGuard


Since its inception more than 30 years ago, BrevAll Technologies has always focused on innovation to provide the best solutions for its customers. But the industry – and the challenges – have changed a lot since then. Hackers. Viruses. Ransomware. Increasingly complex compliance and regulatory standards. The cyber landscape is constantly evolving, and the only way businesses can reach their full potential and maintain a competitive advantage is to stay ahead of the curve. That's why BrevAll is laser-focused on delivering future-ready, comprehensive solutions for its customers.

BrevAll needed a partner that would allow them to evolve their already ahead-of-the-game offerings from "good" to “best-in-class” with a comprehensive, cutting-edge product portfolio. Most importantly, they needed to ensure their product stack and customer's technology alignment could readily tackle whatever challenges tomorrow brought – safeguarding against a new cyber threat or keeping pace with a new crop of stringent regulations.

After researching and vetting different product partners, CEO Paul Enloe and his team ultimately chose WatchGuard.

"BrevAll gravitated to WatchGuard as our primary security source thanks to their diverse and complete portfolio of security offerings," Paul Enloe says. "As ominous intrusions have increased, every network residing on the Internet, including the remote workforce, requires the proper firewall and security standards to deter these ongoing threats."


WatchGuard allowed BrevAll to onboard superior security offerings, firewalls, access points, endpoint protection, bandwidth failover, multi-factor authentication, and much more. “With this best-in-breed technology in our product portfolio, coupled with our expertise, we can deliver joint value to a customer and address their most critical challenges,” says Enloe.

“For instance, many of our clients worry about the influx of new regulations, like HIPAA and PCI. WatchGuard has given us the tools to outfit them with solutions that improve their cybersecurity posture, all while helping them meet stringent compliance standards, regardless of the industry. And the benefit is two-fold for both us and our clients. Not only does this help us differentiate our company as a technological leader, give us a competitive edge, and provide us with more up-sell opportunities, but by outfitting them with a

shored-up level of security, they can close more deals. Our clients can win more business because they can now prove the security of their data, which gives their customers that all-important level of assurance,” states Enloe.

“Perhaps what we value most in our partnership with WatchGuard is that the market-leading technologies help us put our clients in a future-ready position – and what would be a greater test for that than the COVID-19 pandemic? Several years before the lockdown began, our client, Mesch, PLLC, outsourced BrevAll to handle all of their IT needs. Although nobody anticipated a fully remote work environment, we were able to prepare them well in advance by establishing secure access for their employees to work before 2019. So, when the lockdowns began, we were able to send Mesch’s entire workforce to work from home in a safe and productive environment,” adds Enloe.


BrevAll's alliance with WatchGuard allows BrevAll Technologies to pursue its future vision with a company that shares its passion for partnership, growth, and customer satisfaction.

"Since becoming a WatchGuard partner seven years ago, we've expanded our service portfolio, offering an all-encompassing suite of security and endpoint protection needed in today's high-risk cyber landscape," says Enole.

While improved profitability isn't solely attributed to their expanded service portfolio, it's also the result of WatchGuard's dedication to providing tools that aid their partners’ leadership growth.

BrevAll's salesforce and technical team immediately took advantage of all the training resources and certifications offered by WatchGuard, giving them deep-seated insights that increase their value as an MTSP. This has proven to be a major competitive differentiator that helps BrevAll close deals. Enloe explains that "Not only does this allow BrevAll to take our services to market faster, it also allows us to rapidly and seamlessly onboard new data customers, making for an overall improved customer experience. Most importantly, BrevAll's partnership with WatchGuard has allowed us to be a leading managed services provider and earn trust and confidence within our community.

When current and prospective clients are consulting an MTSP, they come armed with a litany of questions about cybersecurity – and thanks to WatchGuard, BrevAll provides the answers they need to hear.”

"We're consistently educating and consulting clients on today's threat-level climate, offering them best practice philosophies, and providing business reviews to ensure an incident response plan is in place," Enloe concludes. “While we can't predict the future, our expertise, combined with WatchGuard's offerings, helps our clients safeguard their business today, so they can securely and confidently face the challenges of tomorrow.”

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