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WatchGuard Endpoint Security Modules Beta

A few months after integrating WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR and WatchGuard EPP into WatchGuard Cloud, we are happy to announce that the integration of Endpoint Security modules in WatchGuard Cloud is now in beta!  

This milestone means WatchGuard partners selling the Endpoint Security portfolio will be able to trial and sell our complete Endpoint Security offering.

Starting from today, our customers and partners are able to take advantage of the beta program and test our new WatchGuard Endpoint Security modules. With this beta, they can start, extend, upgrade, and cancel trials for these Endpoint Security modules in WatchGuard Cloud. 

  • WatchGuard Patch Management (available in WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR and WatchGuard EPP): Manages operating system and third-party application vulnerabilities on your workstations and servers 
  • WatchGuard Full Encryption (available in WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR and WatchGuard EPP): Encrypts and decrypts disks and USB drives centrally without impact to end users 
  • WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) (available in WatchGuard EPDR and WatchGuard EDR): Generates security intelligence and IT insights to pinpoint attacks, unusual behavior, and internal misuse 
  • WatchGuard Data Control (available in WatchGuard EPDR and WatchGuard EDR): Discovers and monitors personal and sensitive data across endpoints and servers to comply with data protection regulations. WatchGuard Data Control is available in these countries: Spain, Germany, UK, Sweden, France, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Hungary and Ireland. 

For more details on WatchGuard Endpoint Security, please visit the beta site:

Thank you for beta testing these new products. We appreciate your help in making our products better! 

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