Unified Security for a Reconnecting World

It’s Time to Reconnect

Just as we’ve struggled to maintain connection in our personal lives, your business has had to weather the storm of a remote workforce. Nearly overnight, your company went from having a few offices with many employees, to having almost as many offices as employees. Providing remote access to corporate resources and data in a way that maintains the “on-site” user experience is critical to the continuity of your business – but doing so while maintaining security is a daunting task.

Simply allowing open access from home networks and external networks to critical business applications and resources is a security no-no. Different teams within your business require different access levels and present additional security challenges.

The stakes are high. One wrong click can bring your business grinding to a halt.

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Reconnecting with Zero-Trust

Your users are in the crosshairs, and all it takes is one compromised password or endpoint device to turn a trusted VPN connection into an entry point for the bad guys. Not only do users need security now that they are off-network, but we must make sure they don’t introduce malware and other threats when they reconnect to the network, either by VPN or returning to the office.

User-focused approaches, like zero-trust, provide a practical means for reigning in the threat surface by assuming that every device and user, on-network or off, represents a security risk. Adopting a zero-trust strategy can help your organization develop a more modern cybersecurity strategy.

Simplify with Unified Security

With ransomware attacks on the rise, businesses have come to recognize that defending against these attacks with a piecemeal approach to protection is not practical. Unifying security helps defeat ransomware by bringing disconnected security layers together to improve efficacy and reduce the threat surface.

Ransomware attack causes

Lack of unified cybersecurity strategy


Technological vulnerabilities


Cybersecurity skills gaps


Poor risk management strategy


Accidental internal threats


Disgruntled ex-employees


Malicious internal threats


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The Unified Security Platform™ and Zero-Trust

Security isn’t the goal, it’s the challenge, and with the Unified Security Platform, WatchGuard makes deploying zero-trust easy!

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