Partner Success Story - Rochet Business Technologies

MSSP Found Success with WatchGuard for 20+ Years Through Simplicity in Deployment & Maintenance for SMBs


A common misconception for small and midsize businesses is that they aren’t large enough to be a cyberattack target, but unfortunately, this is not the case. The most significant challenge Rochet Business Technologies has faced as a service provider is the general lack of knowledge and awareness of security risks among SMB clients. Although this has improved over time in SMBs, the lack of priority given to information security issues is still prevalent.

Before switching to WatchGuard, Rochet Business Technologies worked with multiple vendors but decided to rely on WatchGuard’s increasingly comprehensive and integrated solutions. The product range offered by WatchGuard is perfectly suited for Rochet Business Technologies’ market segment of small and midsize companies.

The company needed to provide solutions tailored to the needs and budgets of customers, with great emphasis on enterprise-grade protection for computer assets. Simultaneously, they were looking for solutions that were easy to deploy and maintain to support both their clients and their company.


“We chose WatchGuard because we have found that their solutions are straightforward to implement. Its diversified portfolio has remained at the forefront of technology and has always had a unique niche for its customers and business partners. We have many points of affinity,” says Christian L. Rochet, vice president of Rochet Business Technologies.

Rochet remarks, “WatchGuard’s treatment in all security aspects, from managerial to technical, has always been of the highest quality. The partner community is critical and this reflects the kind of close relationship we all have with WatchGuard.”

Rochet Business Technologies’ onboarding with WatchGuard was short and easy. “When we entered as a partner more than twenty years ago, there was no formal program like today. However, they have always maintained simplicity and clarity in our relationship, which places them, in my opinion, at the forefront of all the partners with whom we do business to the point of excluding others in the realm of unified security,” says Rochet.

When the company started offering WatchGuard services to clients, they obtained satisfying results. The implementation was straightforward and marked the beginning of a strong business relationship between WatchGuard and Rochet Business Technologies. Rochet says, “Our experience has been excellent, no “red tape.” The confidence of having access to the right people has also allowed us to have a more sincere and unfettered relationship. While nothing is perfect, WatchGuard’s genuine interest in always listening to customers and partners and striving to improve greatly sets them apart.”


Rochet Business Technologies is currently a Gold Partner, and they have multiple certified consultants in different product lines. They have a significant position in the market because of their affiliation with WatchGuard, but more importantly, they have customers protected and happy.

“Our customers are delighted with the WatchGuard solutions we provide. We cannot give details due to confidentiality issues, but it is worth mentioning that the rate of successful threats against our clients is extremely low, if not non-existent,” says Rochet.

WatchGuard’s channel program, WatchGuardONE, has been a useful tool for Rochet Business Technologies to continue increasing their staff’s knowledge as well as great support for their marketing campaigns. “The access to marketing funds has allowed us to grow our business. A critical factor is the support of the WatchGuard managers and their team. Without a doubt, it has helped us maximize our benefits and make our business extremely profitable,” says Rochet.

Currently, the company has obtained all specializations, and they sell WatchGuard products exclusively.  Rochet concludes, “This fits perfectly with our “best-of-breed” or “pick-of-the-litter” work philosophy. Our firm, like our clients, is a small business with limited resources. By partnering with WatchGuard, we have a single provider of the best information and security solutions, especially now that they have expanded their offerings. In this way, we do not have to represent many products, which would cause unnecessary complexity in supporting customers and, therefore, additional costs for our company.”

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