Partner Success Story - Jump Computer

Jump Computer Delivers IT Security to SMBs Thanks to a Partnership with WatchGuard


Jump Computer is a young company founded in 2013 in Padua, with the ambitious goal of being the reference point in the Information Technology sector, supporting SMEs in digital choices and technological strategies to be adopted, step by step. It is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them to design tailor-made IT infrastructures designed from start to finish to meet specific needs.

Since the beginning of its activity, Jump Computer has seen in WatchGuard a winning partner for the construction of an adequate IT infrastructure in SMEs and for its own technical and commercial development. The companies that Jump Computer turned to, began to understand as early as 2013 the importance of keeping their data safe and protected from increasingly advanced cyber attacks, and were looking for an IT partner to support their business capable of proposing adequate solutions. easy to implement and effective. This allowed the meeting between Jump Computer and WatchGuard.

“Over the years, WatchGuard has been the tool that has allowed us to achieve our goals of exporting information security in small and medium-sized companies” explains Eddy Mattiello, Co-Founder and CEO of Jump Computer Srl.“ The channel program and support by WatchGuard adapt flexibly to market needs and are in our opinion a fundamental peculiarity, one of the characteristics that we have most appreciated in all these years of collaboration as it has allowed us to widely customize the services offered to customers based on their business needs.“


From 2013 onwards, Jump Computer relied entirely on the WatchGuard brand, as it offered a structured portfolio of cutting-edge products designed for the security of small and medium-sized businesses.

Initially, the commercial area of Jump Computer concentrated its forces in the sale of firewalls based on the security suites that were present at the time and which have evolved over the years. Subsequently, having become aware of the reliability of the brand, the offer was also extended to Secure Wifi (Access Point, WIPS) and finally recently also to the Endpoint Security area with Panda Security acquisition.

“WatchGuard provided training to promote the security culture associated with its technology framework. This represented a great opportunity for those wishing to grow in the IT sector” states Mattiello. “The fact that a company producing cybersecurity tools provided to train partners was undoubtedly a great plus. It was this that brought us closer to the brand, deciding to deepen our training and, over the years, acquire numerous certifications.”


Jump Computer, thanks to the constant support of WatchGuard sales engineers in pre and post sales and the support provided at a commercial level, has grown a lot over the years both at a technical and commercial level, becoming more structured each year and expanding its team.

Jump Computer has increased year after year its ability to penetrate the cybersecurity market (thanks also to the partnership with WatchGuard), recording an average increase in turnover of 20% each year.

WatchGuard has also grown a lot in Italy in recent years, becoming one of the leading brands in the industry. The presence of a reference staff in the Italian territory has certainly contributed to its evolution. For partner companies, in fact, being able to deal directly with WatchGuard technicians is a fundamental plus that allows them to promptly resolve problems and always make the most of the services of NGFW/VPN devices.

Furthermore, on complex infrastructures, the possibility of communicating with important WatchGuard representatives in Italian has allowed Jump Computer to analyze, design and propose solutions that have proved to be winning and effective.

In 2020 (following the acquisition of Panda Security by WatchGuard), Jump Computer obtained its fourth and final certification: “WatchGuard Endpoint Security Essentials Certification”.

­For SMEs it has now become essential to rely on recognized and certified partners, consequently having the opportunity to propose themselves with these requirements, both from the UTM and Endpoint point of view, has opened channels for new important acquisitions and has created a facilitated climate in several business negotiations.

Today Jump Computer can count on a highly certified team for the installation of flexible and secure networks in the Veneto area, guaranteeing a quality service as an IT partner.

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