Partner Success Story - Eclit Bilişim Hizmetleri

Eclit Bilişim Hizmetleri Turned to WatchGuard for Ease of Use and Communication


With more than 20 years of industry experience and a team of experts, Eclit Bilişim Hizmetleri is a managed services provider that successfully meets the IT needs of businesses of all sizes.

"Thanks to the managed IT services we offer through Turkey's largest and most reliable Cloud infrastructure and the technology platforms we have developed, large companies increase their performance and reduce their costs, while SMEs achieve their priority of using all necessary infrastructure, user support, and software-as-a-service without investing in IT devices and personnel while increasing their competitiveness. With our vision of setting the standards in the managed services industry in Turkey, we manage information technologies for more than 1,100 customers so that they can focus solely on their core business and continue their growth and digital transformation journey,” said Oktay Atalay, head of vendor relations.

Atalay indicated that their previous service provider’s partner portal, pricing, and MSP model were not at the expected level, so they set out to find a new vendor. "The ease of use and communication capabilities of the portal of our previous provider, which we worked with in the field of security solutions, was not at the level we expected. Uncertainties about pricing were also a significant problem, and the MSP model was not well established. For this reason, we were looking for a provider where we could get security products in an easy, fast, and stable way,” said Atalay.


 “What we were looking for in a new vendor was not to have the communication problems we experienced with our previous service provider. We were searching for more predictable pricing, and a provider with an MSP model was also at the top of our search criteria. Our business partners’ guidance was also influential in our search process. We met all these needs with WatchGuard. Today, we can get a lot of support from WatchGuard that we could not get from our previous provider. With WatchGuard, we can also offer our customers better deals in terms of competition and price,” said Atalay.

“In addition, we do not experience the partner portal-related problems with WatchGuard that we experienced before. With WatchGuard, we feel stronger in terms of communication and can also compete in price. We believe that the MSP model will yield better results for our business. The interest and influence of the WatchGuard Turkey team have also increased our efficiency and quality. WatchGuard's success is already evident in the references it has obtained from the operator side in Turkey,” added Atalay.


Emphasizing that WatchGuard products are accessible and stress-free to learn, Atalay commented, "Our teams are still in the learning phase with WatchGuard products, but I would like to state that it is easy to learn WatchGuard interfaces. Currently, in addition to WatchGuard Network Security products, we provide our customers with WatchGuard multi-factor authentication and WatchGuard Endpoint Security solutions. With these WatchGuard products, we provide good service to our customers and support them in their MSP processes. We have just started learning how to use the products here, and as we learn, we promote WatchGuard. Our priority here is to provide the most suitable and optimal solution for our customers' needs.

Atalay concludes, “We recently started working with WatchGuard, but our first impressions are that WatchGuard's MSP approach is very valuable. We can get all the support we need from WatchGuard. In fact, we rely on their help and support all the time. Our technical and commercial teams are committed to continuous training and staying up to date with the certification process, taking advantage of the guidance WatchGuard offers. The support we receive and the professionalism of the product interface give us this confidence. As field teams become more competent with the products, sales figures will increase."

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