Partner Success Story - CCB

MSP Grows in the Non-Profit Space with the Help of WatchGuard Solutions


CCB Technology, a managed service provider (MSP), was founded in 1991 to offer specialized security appliances to non-profit organizations. At the time, CCB was the first company to provide discounts on IT solutions exclusively for non-profits in the US. Today, CCB offers a wide variety of both hardware and security service offerings to both corporate and non-profit organizations nationwide. Armed with a 24/7 helpdesk, Cloud support, managed VoIP and security, CCB provides support to assist, monitor and manage IT solutions with flexible solution plans for all of their customers.

CCB has always had a major focus in the security space. As technology continues to advance, CCB has continuously adapted their business to fit the security needs of their customers. Logan McCoy, VP of services at CCB Technology explains: “Security has become an ever-increasing focus for us. A challenge that has arisen with this growth are the vast number of offerings available in the marketplace. This meant a proliferation of disparate systems across varying technologies, which ultimately led to hampering our ability to effectively manage our clients’ environments.”


By leveraging the full WatchGuard product portfolio – advanced network security services, secure Wi-Fi and multi-factor authentication – CCB is able to offer products and solutions to their customers that defend against the latest threats and most importantly, are easy for them to manage. Logan adds, “We offer everything from the initial deployment to ongoing maintenance, including reporting services. This is important for us to offer to our customers because security is continuously evolving and it’s not enough to only set it up and not monitor it.”

Of course, the security products and services are an important piece of CCB’s MSP offering, but the technical and sales support is just as important for their business. CCB holds gold status in the WatchGuardONE partner program, enabling them with marketing, sales and field support from the WatchGuard team. Additionally, with the help of cooperative advertising funds (Co-Op), CCB works with its WatchGuard field team on marketing activities and campaigns to promote their business and their offerings. CCB also utilizes marketing campaign kits created by WatchGuard to promote and grow their customers base. Melody Bernhardt, VP of marketing at CCB says, “As a business, we always feel supported. What’s more is that WatchGuard has faith in our long-term relationship and contributes their time, finances and trust in us. Plus, WatchGuard’s marketing campaign kits have been a great resource for us, and we can brand it in any way we wish. That’s just a few of the reasons why WatchGuard is our favorite partner.”


With the full portfolio of WatchGuard solutions and the field support that CCB has as a WatchGuardONE partner, they feel enabled to consistently grow their business as an MSP. When considering WatchGuard’s products and solutions, Logan states, “With WatchGuard, there has been a reduction of internal overhead costs, a better customer experience, and an overall more secure environment for our customers.”

The technical and sales support that CCB receives also helps them win additional opportunities, enabling them to expand their customer base. Melody adds, “We’ve had new opportunities where we needed technical support from WatchGuard and it’s always worked out well for us. When it comes down to it, our technical and sales support from WatchGuard helps us gain new customer business and we are very thankful for that.”

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