Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)

Best WIPS in the Industry

WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) is a term from the Wi-Fi industry that refers to the prevention of Wi-Fi threats, and at WatchGuard we have taken it to the next level. Our patented WIPS is unlike any other competing Wi-Fi security solution on the market and ensures you have the real, accurate, and automated Wi-Fi protection that your business needs. WatchGuard’s WIPS defends your airspace 24/7 from unauthorized devices, man-in-the-middle (MitM) and denial-of-service attacks, rogue access points, and more – and with close to zero false positives.

Diagram: WatchGuard WIPS

What Makes WatchGuard WIPS Unique?

WatchGuard WIPS has patented Marker Packet technology that reliably detects and classifies all access points and connected devices, such as smartphones and tablets, on or around your airspace as authorized, external, or rogue. This advanced rogue detection process, missing in other WIPS products on the market, ensures that ONLY unacceptable connections get shut down immediately, without illegally disrupting neighboring Wi-Fi networks. Learn more >

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Flexible WIPS Deployment Options

Each WatchGuard AP can be installed as a dedicated WIPS sensor, which means that instead of delivering Wi-Fi traffic to users, it is 100% dedicated to scanning the air and preventing Wi-Fi attacks. You also have the option to install in shared AP/WIPS mode, where an AP spends a portion of its time both delivering traffic and fending off attacks. WatchGuard APs can even be installed as dedicated WIPS sensors in an environment with competing access points, delivering the best WIPS security on the market on top of an existing Wi-Fi network. Learn more >

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Boost Your Wi-Fi Defenses

Easily step up to even greater protection by deploying our APs in a WatchGuard Firebox-protected network. This extends the Firebox’s best-in-class UTM defenses, like application control and zero day malware protection, to your WLAN.

How It Works

Using a WatchGuard cloud-managed access point as a WIPS sensor, you get industry-leading technologies that protect your wireless networks from a host of malicious activities, including rogue access points, evil twins, and denial-of-service attacks.

WIPS: Rogue IPs Diagram

Defends Against Rogue APs
Unauthorized access points on your network

WatchGuard WIPS continuously scans all other access points in the area and classifies them as authorized, external, or rogue.

Authorized – Known access points that are connected to your network

External – Nearby access points that are not connected to your network

Rogue – Unknown access points that are connected to your network

Using the patented, state-of-the-art Marker Packet wireless detection technology, WatchGuard WIPS rapidly and reliably differentiates between nearby external access points and rogue access points. If a rogue access point is detected, all incoming connections to that access point are instantly blocked.

WIPS: Evil Twin Diagram

Prevents Evil Twins
Access points pretending to be your access points

WatchGuard WIPS keeps record of all clients connecting to your authorized access points by tracking each hardware address and storing them in a database. If a known client attempts to connect to a malicious access point, the connection is instantly blocked using a de-authentication packet.

WIPS: Denial-of-Service Diagram

Shuts Down Denial-of-Service Attacks
Deliberate effort to cut off your network

Malicious clients can use de-authentication packets to purposely block connections to your network. WIPS shuts these denial-of-service attacks down by continuously looking for abnormally high amounts of de-authentication packets in the airway. The source is then identified, and all further broadcasting is blocked using advanced wireless disruption technologies.



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