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What is Glupteba and how can you protect your customers from this malware?

Over time, cybercriminals find ways to exploit new cybersecurity breaches, leading to the creation of malware that compromises users' security. 

Every year, one or more malware variants stand out as new, evasive, or dangerous. According to our Internet Security Report (ISR), last year it was Glupteba. The report highlights that this type of malware was in the top 10 most-prevalent endpoint malware trends in the fourth quarter of last year, and also topped the threat table as one of the most prolific variants during that period.

Glupteba is a multifaceted type of malware-as-a-service (MaaS) that spreads through infected emails, file downloads, or malicious websites, stealing sensitive information with tremendous stealth. This combination makes it a real and sophisticated threat whose victims are spread across the international landscape. 

How to protect yourself against Glupteba

Given the proliferation of Glupteba and other MaaS malware, it is important for managed service providers (MSPs) to ensure that their customers are prepared and protected by offering the right solutions to deal with this increasingly common threat. 

As Glupteba is highly evasive, it can prove difficult for users to detect. This means it is important to prioritize solutions that continuously monitor, detect, and respond to advanced threats to enhance device security. EPDR solutions are positioned as the best ally to combat this as they deliver a combination of endpoint protection and prevention (EPP) and detection and response (EPDR) functionalities.

An EPDR solution allows processes to be automatically and easily classified as trusted or not. The process is only permitted to run on the endpoint once verified as trusted. In addition, in the case of advanced solutions, artificial intelligence-driven technologies are integrated, which automatically classify 99.98% of all running processes, with a group of experts classifying the remaining percentage. Thanks to this operation, 100% of all processes are classified with virtually no margin of error.

By adding such tools to their portfolio, MSPs can provide full protection against Glupteba or similar malware threats at endpoints. This improves customer service and enhances customer engagement. 

How to improve your customers' security posture 

An EPDR solution undoubtedly strengthens the cybersecurity system for any organization, regardless of its size. However, there are other complementary methods to enhance protection for MSP customers. We highlight some of them below. 

On the one hand, providing companies with a multi-factor authentification (MFA) solution is a critical complement to enhancing endpoint security. Deploying an MFA solution adds an extra layer of security that can prevent attackers from entering the customer's network if an employee has been the victim of an attack. 

On the other hand, fostering good cybersecurity habits is key to maintaining device protection. In this regard, promoting good credential hygiene is essential. Changing email passwords frequently avoids the likelihood of them becoming a potential breach in device protection. 

Offering solutions to upgrade your customers’ protection against increasingly evasive and sophisticated threats addresses this growing need in businesses. It enables MSPs to improve their business model and establish more lasting relationships with their customers. 

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