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Today’s Top Wi-Fi Security Challenges and Benefits

What are today’s biggest Wi-Fi security challenges and benefits for IT solution providers and end customers? WatchGuard checked in to find out and shared their insights in a guest column for Software Business Growth magazine. Here’s a brief excerpt from the piece:

Q: How important is secure Wi-Fi to your core business?

A: “One of the things that’s very important for us is to be able to deliver enterprise-grade security to our customers who may not have the resources to have a full-blown IT staff… There is a huge movement toward mobile POS platforms. Being able to deliver a secured reliable wireless platform for those POS devices to operate is huge for us.” – Dustin McCreight, solution manager at NCR, an MSP that secures nearly 550 million transactions daily across retail and hospitality industries, safeguarding the billions of point of sale (POS) transactions and the systems connected to them.

Q: What specific wireless challenges prompted your decision to build secure Wi-Fi into your IT management and networking strategy?

 A: “We just weren’t able to get wireless coverage in those spaces. For us to transfer films between our locations, we really needed a robust network… In order for us to use point of sale through the wireless network – we needed something that was reliable, and particularly – something that was safe.” – Sarah Wilke, executive director at SIFF, the organizers of the largest film festival in the United States. 

Q: In what ways has improved Wi-Fi security and performance empowered your organization?

 A: “Being able to create a good wireless network with access points in every third room has been very cost-effective for us, which is an important consideration. Having a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout the school now means that tutors, students and visitors have continual access to key resources and communications wherever they are on campus, helping us to deliver the aims of our curriculum… We now have Apple TV as a learning resource and we’re currently rolling out plans to encourage pupils to bring their own tablets – extending our teaching experience with built-in peace of mind.” – James Priory, former Headmaster of Portsmouth Grammar School.

To find out how other WatchGuard channel partners and customers have paved a safe path for their organizations with the help of secure Wi-Fi, check out the full Q&A in Software Business Growth. Learn about major Wi-Fi threats like Dragonblood here, and check out the Trusted Wireless Environment framework here.

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