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How are IT leaders approaching threat hunting?

Implementing robust defense strategies helps to mitigate the risk of cyberthreats in the early stages of an attack. Threat hunting, as part of this strategy, enables organizations to find those unknown threats that manage to bypass technology-based controls by detecting abnormal behaviors.

With a number of challenges associated with executing a defense approach, how are IT leaders approaching this problem? Pulse and WatchGuard surveyed 100 IT leaders to find out.

Survey standout insights:

  • Almost all respondents agree that continuous monitoring (96%) and threat hunting (83%) should be top security initiatives.
  • More than half of IT leaders (53%) are not yet threat hunting, but plan to start within the next year.
threat hunting priority
  • However, only 3% would describe their organization’s threat hunting maturity level as cutting edge.
  • And most (65%) indicated that limitations of their tools or technology are barriers to successfully implementing threat hunting. More than half face barriers due to lack of security skills (51%).
primary barriers

The WatchGuard report: the state-of-the-art threat hunting in businesses provides an in-depth analysis of the unbalance between the priority that threat hunting is for most of the organizations and their internal maturity and capabilities in this discipline

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You can also learn the ins and out of threat hunting activity by reading our latest eBook Taking a proactive position with your cybersecurity and start your threat hunting path with WatchGuard Advanced Endpoint Security

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