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7 Key Features That MSPs Need from a Cybersecurity Vendor

Customer trust is the biggest success indicator for MSPs. And yet, it’s only achieved with the right vendor partnerships. MSPs and MSSPs need to choose cybersecurity vendors with tailored and strategic portfolios that can cater to the emerging needs of each customer. Therefore, MSPs need a cybersecurity vendor that both understands this approach and delivers it to offer the greatest possible value. When vetting a cybersecurity vendor, MSPs should look for the following seven features:

  1. Products That Fuel a Zero-Trust Solution – All the tools and functionalities of the cybersecurity offering should be based on zero-trust, which systematically classifies each binary before it is executed on the customer's systems. Moreover, according to 59% of organizations, this model acts as an incentive for digital transformation.
  2. Comprehensive Service to Support MSPs – Check that a vendor offers services to successfully enrich your business. Services such as a channel partner program, flexible payment options, training, 24-hour technical support, and access to marketing kits are top services that a vendor should provide.
  3. Automation and Cloud Capabilities– Products need to have a high degree of automation for greater efficiency of time and resource savings for customers' IT and cybersecurity staff, which also reduces alert fatigue. Additionally, all products must be available in the Cloud to facilitate remote access and control.
  4. A Cybersecurity Platform – Evaluate that a vendor’s products will easily integrate with each other so that your team must only work with ONE platform. Working with one platform will save time and money as it’s ultimately more efficient with daily operations and staff training.
  5. Alignment with Compliance Mandates – Your reputation matters with cybersecurity, so be sure your vendors are aligned with all security regulations. Check that their products will align to security frameworks such as NIST, ISO, MITRE ATT&CK, and more.
  6. Transparency in Security Breaches – It’s no longer a matter of if, but when, a security breach happens. See how your vendor has responded to breaches in the past. It’s best to work with vendors who were transparent and straightforward about their breaches and responding to them.
  7. Forward Thinking Acquisitions and Improvements – Is the vendor making developments and even business acquisitions to help them with future cybersecurity issues? Check the latest news on each vendor site to see what advances, if any, are being made.

Download the complete infographic here.

If MSPs find these 7 key features in a vendor, they can be confident that they will have the most appropriate cybersecurity offering for their customers. This combination will provide many more options and ultimately help gain trust and establish a profitable relationship, enabling MSPs and customers to grow together.

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