Security Video Tutorials

Security for Beginners

New to network security or have users in your network who need training? These videos will help everyone (especially non-technical users) learn some basic rules of network security.

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    Bud Logs In: password security training

    Watch as hapless Bud makes every password mistake in the book! Shudder as he blunders through one near calamity after another. Chuckle at the painful familiarity of his plight. Will Bud ever succeed in his quest to LOG IN?
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    Bud Has Mail: email & web safety training

    Bud's latest misadventure teaches him what can go wrong when he clicks on a malicious email. Even non-technical users can learn from Bud how to handle email more safely. Download and use this informative video as a tool in your security awareness campaign.
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    Think Before You Click

    Scott Pinzon, CISSP, hosts interview clips where world-renowned Internet security experts explain how spyware works. Perfect for helping non-technical users understand the damage one errant click can cause.
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    How Password Crackers Work

    This video demonstrates an automated tool that hackers use when decrypting password files. Even non-technical users will understand how short passwords make a crook's job easy, and why long passwords are stronger.

Update your security knowledge in mere minutes. In these quickly-produced clips, WatchGuard security analysts respond to breaking news with quick demonstrations, explanations, or clarification.

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    iPhone Hacks Windows XP Computer

    This video shows how Corey wirelessly takes control of a Windows PC from his iPhone. How? Watch and see. (Big hint: An unlocked iPhone can run Metasploit.)
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    Internet Explorer VML Exploit Revealed

    Network security analyst Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, demonstrates how a zero-day security vulnerability in Internet Explorer can be exploited. This is the Vector Markup Language flaw that Microsoft patched with MS06-55.
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    Password Cracking 201: Rainbow Tables

    "Rainbow tables" enable malicious hackers to break the encryption protecting password files. This video shows how rainbow tables are much more effective than the "brute force" method of trying to guess all possible password combinations. Hosted by Corey Nachreiner, CISSP.
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    What Is a Sidejacking Attack?

    Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, demonstrates how someone sitting near you at a wireless hotspot can steal your credentials for any Web account you log into... then later, log on as you, and see your private info.

For IT professionals: Deepen your understanding of security threats with a first-hand look at attack code, and explanation of how it works. Hosted by Corey Nachreiner, CISSP.

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    Botnet architecture for beginners

    See actual malicious code and understand how it works. Corey Nachreiner explains botnet architecture for beginners, then builds a bot client.
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    Botnets in action

    Learn how a bot herder uses his bot army for attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service, getting command line control of victims, installing spyware, and more.
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    Defending your network from botnets

    Learn the countermeasures, defenses, and Firebox tricks that render bots "Dead On Arrival" for your network. Hosted by Corey Nachreiner, CISSP.
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    Botnet Source Code for Overachievers

    For IT professionals who crave depth. This screen-capture video supplement to "Understanding Threats: Malware Analysis: Botnets, Part 1" examines bot source code line by line.
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    The basics of rootkits

    Corey defines rootkits, then demonstrates a real rootkit found in the wild. See what investigative processes it hides from, how an attacker configures it, and more.
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    Rootkits: inline function hooking

    Corey explains inline function hooking, what kinds of Windows functions are susceptible to hooking, and how rootkits use hooking for backdoor access to your network.
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    Rootkits: Detection and Defense

    Topics chosen by user vote. Kernel mode rootkits; leading techniques and tools for detecting rootkits; how your Firebox helps stop rootkits from entering your network.
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    Drive-By Download

    Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, shows what happens when a Windows XP computer browses the kind of malicious Web site that takes over your PC the instant you visit.