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Save time with Endpoint Trials in WatchGuard Cloud!

WatchGuard is pleased to announce that trials for WatchGuard Endpoint Security products can now be activated in WatchGuard Cloud!

If you are a Service Provider or a Tier 1 Subscriber, trials are a fantastic way to evaluate WatchGuard EPP, WatchGuard EDR, or WatchGuard EPDR for yourself or your customers. With the new Trials page in WatchGuard Cloud, starting a trial of an endpoint security product is as easy as enabling a toggle!

For Service Providers, trials for all managed accounts can be started, upgraded, and cancelled quickly from one page. The Trials page also provides insights into the trial activity and history of your managed accounts.

Service Provider Trials Page


Endpoint security trials in WatchGuard Cloud are for free for 30 days but can be extended one time during the trial period. If you want to try another endpoint security product during your trial period, upgrades are available. Converting a trial to a commercial license is also easy in WatchGuard Cloud. For subscribers, visit the activation portal. Service Providers can convert licenses for their managed accounts on the Inventory page in WatchGuard Cloud.

To get started with WatchGuard Endpoint Security trials, navigate to Administration > Trials in WatchGuard Cloud. After you start a trial, navigate to Monitor > Endpoints.

Keep Up with What’s New in WatchGuard Cloud

WatchGuard regularly updates and improves on the WatchGuard Cloud platform. To learn more about the developments to WatchGuard Cloud, please refer to the “What’s New In WatchGuard Cloud” presentation, and most recent Release Notes.

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