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Don’t have time to sit down for an extended training session?
WatchGuard video tutorials let you concentrate on learning at your own pace.

Getting Started with your Firebox

  Activate a Firebox (2 minutes, 40 seconds)
  Web Setup Wizard (15 minutes)
  Retrieve and Import a Feature Key - Web UI (3 minutes, 50 seconds)
  Configuration Migration (6 minutes)
  Retrieve and Import a Feature Key – WSM (3 minutes, 55 seconds)
  Access Point with VLANs (15 minutes, 17 seconds)
  AP Device Quick Start (6 minutes, 24 seconds)

Getting Started with Wi-Fi Cloud

  Create SSIDs with Wi-Fi Cloud Go (4 minutes, 53 seconds)
  Getting Started with Captive Portals (17 minutes, 14 seconds)
  Getting Started with WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud (11 minutes, 6 seconds)



  Install and Set up Dimension (12 minutes, 28 seconds)

Proxies and Security Subscriptions

  Getting Started with Data Loss Prevention (12 minutes, 32 seconds)
  Getting Started with TDR (9 minutes, 50 seconds)
  Prevent Ransomware with Your Firebox (7 minutes, 50 seconds)
  Getting Started with IPS (8 minutes, 25 seconds)
  Getting Started with WebBlocker (9 minutes, 10 seconds)
  Getting Started with Application Control (7 minutes, 28 seconds)
  Getting Started with APT Blocker (6 minutes, 49 seconds)
  Getting Started with Gateway Antivirus (7 minutes, 29 seconds)
  Create a WebBlocker Exception (4 minutes, 17 seconds)


  FireCluster (14 minutes)
  SD-WAN Basics (4 minutes)
  TCPDump Diagnostics (7 minutes, 6 seconds)
  Getting Started with NAT (14 minutes, 41 seconds)


  Mobile VPN with SSL (9 minutes, 10 seconds)
  BOVPN Troubleshooting (11 minutes, 23 seconds)

Reset Your Device

  Reset a Firebox T10 Device (1 minute, 35 seconds)
  Reset a Firebox M400 or M500 (2 minutes, 22 seconds)



  Introduction to RapidDeploy (5 minutes, 19 seconds)

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