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WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud is where you take your access points to unlock their full potential with powerful Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) security, guest and airspace analytics, and invaluable marketing and guest engagement tools. Now take our access points managed in the Wi-Fi Cloud and integrate them across your broader Wi-Fi ecosystem, protecting your users from the six known Wi-Fi threat categories, while simplifying your IT management.

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Screenshot: Predictive Floorplan

Predictive Floor Plan Simulations

Doing a predictive floor plan simulation that shows the approximate number of access points and install locations is crucial for building the Wi-Fi design of your dreams. The goal of a predictive site survey is to create design criteria such as the quantity and placement of the access points, with confidence.
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DNS Protection

DNS services are often a point of vulnerability for many businesses, and so DNS has become a growing concern for many of them. Cyber criminals have been digging into DNS in order to create new threats, and if not detected early and properly, they could cause serious damage to an organization.
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Authentication services not only help to reduce the likelihood of network disruptions and data breaches arising from lost or stolen credentials, but also deliver this important capability entirely from the Cloud for easy set-up and management. Now you can keep your company and your remote employees safe.
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Customer Engagement & Behavior

Make the most of it when customers and guests connect to your Wi-Fi. Push real-time promotions and announcements via splash and landing pages to keep them engaged with your brand and drive transactions.

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