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Why Secure Wi-Fi Offers Growth Opportunities for MSPs

MSPs need a way to stand out in a Wi-Fi market that is mature and crowded, and the answer is to deliver Secure Wi-Fi solutions. Generally speaking, Wi-Fi vendors offer highly similar product offerings with commoditized capabilities and security hasn’t been a major focus, so MSPs capable of providing secure wireless networks can separate themselves from competitors.

WatchGuard covers this topic in a guest blog post and podcast segment with Auvik, a leading provider of network management software for MSPs. We explore the security framework that can help IT solution providers in the Wi-Fi market differentiate and grow their business: Here’s a brief excerpt from the blog post:

“The Trusted Wireless Environment framework is a guide to building Wi-Fi networks that are fast, easy to manage, and most importantly, secure. The framework helps you defend clients from the six known Wi-Fi threat categories.

I challenge you to find a business of any size that doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Businesses spanning every vertical, and crowded public places like coffee shops, conferences, and train stations, are perfect places for a hacker to take advantage of the six attack vectors.”

To learn about each of the six known Wi-Fi threat categories and to defend against them and differentiate from the competition, check out the complete blog post and podcast at And check out the Trusted Wireless Environment movement today to learn more about the need for a global Wi-Fi security standard.

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