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Webinar: Security Predictions 2023

As we wave goodbye to 2022, it’s time for the WatchGuard Threat Lab to provide its annual predictions for 2023. These last twelve months have been wild in cybersecurity, with the industry facing everything from hackers attacking remote workers, the Emotet botnet coming back in a big way, the infamous Log4Shell vulnerability tripling its attack efforts, malicious cryptomining activity, and much more.

Though we base our forecasts on quantifiable trends we’ve seen in the past, we also take the opportunity to extrapolate the more futuristic and dystopian cyber outcomes that might occur if attackers were left unchecked. In the end, our goal is to share how defenders must adjust to ensure we avoid the worst outcomes.

Join our webinar, where Corey Nachreiner, CSO, and Marc Laliberte, security operations manager, discuss what cybersecurity and threats will look like in the next year and ways to defend your business.

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