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Webinar: Back to basics – All you need to know about securing your business

Cybersecurity is a massive concern for every modern business. Being a security professional has never been harder. The increasing threat environment, expanding attack surface, and continuous stakeholder demands for transparency are only adding to the challenges. Even the most sophisticated professionals can feel overwhelmed. 

From the pre-existing exploits of programming errors in your IT assets to internal attacks by employees abusing their access privileges to simple mistakes by employees who accidentally transmit something they shouldn’t, there are numerous ways for malicious actors to breach your cybersecurity measures. A dedicated attacker or group of attackers can eventually breach almost any defense.

While you might not stop absolutely every attack, you can limit your organization’s exposure to risk and prevent the majority of attempts by following a few basic elements of cybersecurity and maintaining a good cybersecurity posture. In this webinar, we come back to the basic elements of cybersecurity and review the security principles and key practices that need to be adopted in every organization, regardless of size. Join us for the discussion, which will cover:

  • Protecting data, wireless networks, and users
  • Privacy and compliance
  • Security awareness 
  • Strategies for hybrid work models

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