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WatchGuard Endpoint Security Wins 2023 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award

We are thrilled to share that WatchGuard has won the “Endpoint Security Solution of the Year” category in the 2023 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards! WatchGuard has taken home a CyberSecurity Breakthrough award for the fourth consecutive year. WatchGuard also previously won the “Next Generation Firewall Solution of the Year” award in 2022, the “Unified Threat Management Solution of the Year” award in 2021, and the “Wi-Fi Security Solution of the Year” award in 2020.

This esteemed awards program highlights the breakthrough products, solutions and companies within the crowded information security market that address a true need, solve a complex or critical problem, or seize an opportunity to revolutionize a new market or industry. Judges evaluate entries based on how well they demonstrate innovation, performance, ease of use, functionality, value, and impact. 

Cybersecruity Breakthrough

The WatchGuard Endpoint Security platform delivers maximum protection with minimal complexity. Its exclusive Zero Trust Application Service enables continuous endpoint monitoring, detection, and classification of all activity to reveal and block anomalous behaviors of users, machines and processes. Most endpoint security products block what is known to be bad and investigate what is suspicious, but allow what is not known – enabling malware that rapidly morphs to bypass defenses with other unknown traffic. By contrast, the WatchGuard EDR and WatchGuard EPDR products feature an automatic Zero Trust Application Service that classifies 100% of executables. The service analyzes all suspicious and unknown processes and applications using special machine-learning algorithms in the WatchGuard Cloud platform, and even verifies with WatchGuard’s lab technicians when needed. Since it is an automated service, security admins don't need to manually classify threats or delegate alert management to them. Customers receive only confirmed alerts and enjoy the ultimate protection from the default-deny position of a zero trust model.   

Learn more about the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program and view full list of 2023 winners here. Stay tuned to the WatchGuard blog for all the latest company updates, channel awards, industry news, and more.

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