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How to Pitch Zero-Trust to Technology Executives

Why should organizations fund zero-trust architectures? The business benefits of zero-trust are significant. By adopting the "never trust, always verify" mindset, organizations shift to a more centralized security management approach, which can result in cost-effectiveness and a stronger layer of protection for resources such as identities, data, and applications. 

What arguments can be made when seeking funding for zero-trust adoption?  

  • Adoption is quickly growing among organizations of all sizes. 

  • Government agencies are issuing advisories with zero-trust guidance to encourage a stronger security posture.  

  • Benefits extend beyond security improvements, including reduced TCO, more efficient operations, and an employee productivity boost. 

  • Zero-trust aligns with modern security needs, especially for companies with hybrid/remote workforce models.  

Gartner’s guide How to Explain Zero Trust to Technology Executives 

If you’re in negotiations with your buying committee and other decision-makers deploy zero-trust architectures, this guide gives decision-makers the insight needed to understand the potential value of zero-trust and the steps needed to make it a reality.  

The guide also highlights important realities that every executive needs to hear: extending security beyond the network is critical; identity security should be a priority when implementing zero-trust.  

Read the guide Gartner Quick Answer: How to Explain Zero Trust to Technology Executives  to learn more.

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