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How Automation Can Boost MSSP Security and Efficiency

Businesses of all sizes are contending with the challenges and complexities presented by a relentless onslaught of security threats and a decentralized workforce. For MSSPs, automation is key to their support of these businesses, as well as their own. With automation, MSSPs can improve customers’ security posture while also making their own security practices more lucrative and efficient.

In a new ChannelPro Network article, WatchGuard product marketing manager Stephen Helm outlines how automation can help businesses keep up with increasingly sophisticated cyber threats while also boosting MSSP growth and profitability. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Many midsize IT teams simply don’t have the head count to properly manage and navigate the current cybersecurity landscape. As a result, it should be no surprise that organizations are turning to the expertise of managed security service providers (MSSPs) to lighten and offset the complexity of their environments. The need for MSSPs to help businesses stay safe and meet their digital transformation goals has never been greater. According to a survey by IDG, 99% of businesses recognize that they will require managed cybersecurity services to meet remote work needs in the near term.

While the opportunity is great if you’re an MSSP, the challenge is daunting. In today’s aggressive threat landscape, a single infected endpoint or stolen password can open the floodgates for an attacker. Securing customers today requires more than a locked door; it necessitates careful consideration of their points of vulnerability, and the ability to address them quickly, proactively, and effectively. More than ever, you need a high degree of automation built into your security offerings to keep pace with the increasing sophistication and volume of threats (and scale to meet rapidly changing customer needs).”

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