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Five Zero- Trust Customer Questions MSPs Face Today

Zero-Trust security is a hot topic about which most MSPs have heard plenty of customer questions over the past year. That’s thanks in large part to the arrival of the increasingly remote future of work. As a result, companies are now reassessing their security posture and approach to make the necessary adjustments to ensure they can support, enable and protect distributed workforces over the long term. Enter the “never trust, always verify” approach to security, i.e., Zero-Trust.  

In a new MSP Insights article, WatchGuard Director of Authentication Alexandre Cagnoni explores five Zero- Trust questions and misconceptions MSPs must prepare for as more customers look to reimagine their security strategies. Here’s a brief excerpt from the piece: 

“Companies of all sizes often fall victim to the old-school idea that they don’t need extensive, layered security protections to secure users and data within the network. Zero- Trust methodologies exist entirely because, in today’s technology landscape, organizations must assume by default that all users, devices, and connections are untrustworthy, regardless of their location. All it takes is one lost or stolen corporate credential for an attacker to compromise an entire network. This is why multi-factor authentication with risk-based policies such as location verification and more is crucial to Zero-Trust security.” 

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