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Aether 14 and WG Cloud - New Endpoint Security Release

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new Endpoint Security release. With this release, we are adding some significant capabilities, among which one stands out in particular - Endpoint Risk Monitoring.

Why Risk Monitoring?

Cybersecurity incidents can have operational, financial, reputational, and strategic consequences for partners and customers. Security misconfigurations and software vulnerabilities often cause these risk incidents, leaving the door open for cybercriminals to exploit client protection weaknesses.

  • Partners/MSPs

As many customers don’t have the time, enough skills, or sufficient resources to do it, it is essential for MSPs to provide health risk assessment as a service to add real value by providing risk monitoring in real time, decreasing the number of security risks and therefore reducing your customer attack surface.

Enabling MSPs with risk monitoring strengthens their managed security service delivery. With it, MSPs will discover vulnerabilities and security configuration weaknesses across endpoints in the customer infrastructure where WatchGuard Endpoint Security solutions are implemented. See what else Risk Monitoring can do for managed services by reading the feature brief.

  • End Users

Security admins need to understand their cyber threat risk posture and reinforce security solution controls so they can prevent and minimize the chances of getting infected and disrupting their business.

With Endpoint Risk Monitoring, IT teams will manage and monitor unprotected endpoints, indicators of attack, security misconfigurations, OS and third-party software vulnerabilities, and missing patches to proactively safeguard their systems before a breach occurs. All our WatchGuard Endpoint Security solutions include risk monitoring capabilities to improve their security posture with actions that can be deployed in real time in a quick and easy way.

What else is new with this release?

Tighter integration in WatchGuard Cloud

  • iFrame technology implementation, so the Aether web console is now fully integrated into the WatchGuard Cloud platform
  • No longer necessary to open a new tab to manage Endpoint Security products
  • Online help is now integrated into WatchGuard Cloud

Strengthening anti-tampering feature

  • Does not allow the removal of our files in the restart modifying registry entries
  • Does not allow a change to the permissions for our processes and services

Support for new operating systems

  • Improved integration in Windows 11
  • Support to macOS Ventura
  • Support to new Linux distributions
    • CentOS Stream 8 and 9
    • AlmaLinux 8.3-8.6 / 9.0
    • Rocky Linux 8.3-8.6

And many other improvements

  • VPN enforcement supported in macOS devices
  • Discovery of unmanaged devices through Active Directory
  • Ability to change the recipients in task
  • Ability to export tasks information
  • Improved performance on overloaded Linux servers

All these new features are included in our WatchGuard Endpoint Security products (EPP/EDR/EPDR) and also in the Panda portfolio (EP/EPP/AD/AD360).

We keep working on adding new features to provide a more robust endpoint security approach to our customers. Please reach out to the WatchGuard team if you have any questions or want to get started on delivering simplified security solutions.

We're here to help.

- The WatchGuard Team -

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