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This simplistic and Cloud-based approach can fundamentally transform how we deliver security to our end customers

Matt Lee, CISSP, Director of Technology and Security, Iconic IT

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How to whitelist Marketo

See how easy it is to manage WatchGuard AuthPoint, Endpoint Security, Firebox and Wi-Fi in this online tour. The demo account is populated with sample data that represents a typical administrator account. Once you log in, you can navigate around WatchGuard Cloud to see:

  • Firebox policy management and VPN deployment
  • Easy MFA configuration for the various Firebox authentication options
  • Network security and authentication dashboards and reports
  • Endpoint security dashboard, including Zero-Trust and Threat Hunting services
  • Configuration pages for WatchGuard Firebox and AuthPoint
  • Easily deploy, manage, and report on Wi-Fi networks and end-user analytics
  • License details and so much more

Using the Demo

Start the Demonstration
It will open in a new window.

Please log in to the demonstration with the following credentials:

  • User Name: wgcdemo
  • Passphrase: V1sibility


Learn More

Please contact your WatchGuard representative if you wish to see a comprehensive demonstration of multiple systems, or to view additional capabilities, such as scheduling reports, customizing report output, and full system administration.