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TDR Outage in Preparation for WatchGuard Cloud Integration

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BLUF: TDR Outage – 30 minutes
EU – 30 November 2020 at 5PM PST
NA – 1 December 2020 at 11PM PST   

We have listened to your feedback and we are excited to announce that with the release of TDR 6.0.0, WatchGuard will deploy a TDR UI integrated into WatchGuard Cloud. To prepare for this, WatchGuard must deploy new TDR infrastructure before the TDR 6.0.0 release that is scheduled for late December or early January.

During the outage, all Host Sensors will show as disconnected from ThreatSync and the TDR UI will be unavailable. Host Ransomware Prevention and its built-in ransomware hash...


Wi-Fi Cloud Engage Update

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WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Engage will be updated starting on Saturday, October 31, 2020.


  • All regions: Saturday, October 31, 2020 (12:00AM – 4:00AM PDT)

Maintenance Window

4 hours


4 hours

User Impact 

  • Engage will be unavailable during the maintenance activity.
  • There is no impact to customer Wi-Fi service. Access Points will continue to function and provide Wi-Fi connectivity and security.
  • Captive portal splash pages will be functional for guest access.

Enhancements and Resolved Issues

  • Instagram is removed from the social media plug-in configuration...

New Fireware releases

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WatchGuard published several Fireware releases over the last few weeks. Fireware 12.6.2 Update 3 is now available in the Software Downloads Center. This is an update release to v12.6.2, and includes both bug fixes and updates to some key components. This is the first v12.6.x release for the Firebox M series and it is maintenance update for the new Firebox T series (T20, T40, T80) appliances. The Release Notes include a comprehensive list of resolved issues and enhancements, and the What's New presentation provides a detailed description of new enhancements. 

Key elements of this release:



WatchGuard Cloud Introduces Enhancements for Managed Service Providers

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WatchGuard Cloud now features enhanced account management capabilities specifically designed to make the job of managing subscriber accounts and devices easier for managed service providers (MSPs).

The updated Service Provider interface allows MSPs to view and manage all of their Subscriber and Service Provider accounts from one page. This new interface saves time for Service Providers as they no longer have to pivot into the subscriber view of their managed accounts to make changes.

WatchGuard's new Service Provider interface is now aligned with the Subscriber interface and includes a...


New in TDR 5.9.0: User-Based ThreatSync Services

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We are excited to announce that Threat Detection and Response has a new feature to try – user-based ThreatSync services.

Have you ever stared at your ThreatSync dashboard and wondered who continues to download and run that malicious file? You might find the file in the home directory of the user, but we all know that is not always the case. Now, you can take out the guesswork with user-based ThreatSync services!

User-Based ThreatSync Services

In TDR 5.9.0, new user pages display user information attributed to each file or process detected by the Host Sensor.

This feature includes...


WatchGuard Releases a Full Endpoint Security Platform

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We are happy to announce the availability of the WatchGuard Endpoint Security portfolio of services. With this announcement, we are ending the Early Access Program that we have been running since June.

Starting October 1st all our partners and their customers will be able to evaluate and purchase the entire suite of products available through the WatchGuard Endpoint Security portfolio! Starting with our flagship solution, Panda Adaptive Defense 360, WatchGuard will provide a complete prevention, detection, and response story through the combination of Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) and...


New AuthPoint Wizards: Making MFA as Simple as Possible

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We are happy to announce the release of Wizards on AuthPoint. The Wizards provide a simple, step by step guide, to be followed by administrators to configure the MFA on their environment.

The following operations are available through Wizards:

Get Started with AuthPoint – guides the administrator through a first, basic configuration, that allows him to have a user performing authentications on a matter of minutes.

  • Create a group
  • Create a user
  • Activate token
  • Set up the IdP portal
  • Log in to the IdP portal to test MFA

Configure MFA for a VPN – guides the administrator through...


WatchGuard Cloud Introduces New Executive Summary Report

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We are pleased to announce the release of the new Executive Summary Report feature in WatchGuard Cloud. The Executive Summary Report provides complete visibility into network traffic and security events, and helps boost efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

The three-page summary report provides the business intelligence that you need to support key goals:

  • Ensure productive use of corporate assets and time throughout the organization.
  • Audit compliance against acceptable usage policies for Internet usage.
  • Monitor protection against spyware, malware, and viruses.



Impact of Instagram privacy and security changes on WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud

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Dear Wi-Fi Cloud User,

WatchGuard values the privacy of everyone's personal data, and we take steps to ensure security and data privacy throughout our products and company infrastructure. Instagram recently announced changes to their API usage to improve the privacy and security of Instagram users. As a result of these changes, WatchGuard is making the following updates to our Wi-Fi Cloud service.

What you need to know:

  • Instagram has disabled their Legacy API permissions that Wi-Fi Cloud uses in Captive Portals authentication. Wi-Fi Cloud guest users that attempt to log in with their...

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