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New Fireware update releases

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Key points:
WatchGuard has posted new maintenance updates for Fireware 12.7 and earlier branches, 12.5.7 and 12.1.3. The new releases address some issues that have been fixed since the original 12.7 release. See details  in the Release Notes. WatchGuard is moving away from providing customer specific (CSP) builds, and we prefer to issue generally available Update releases that are provided to all for download.

These releases also include fixes to resolve internally detected security issues. These issues were found by our engineers, and not actively found in the wild. For the sake of not...


Updates to WatchGuard Technical Support Case Processing

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WatchGuard’s Support and Service team is continually looking for ways to improve how we provide support to our customers. We are pleased to announce several enhancements to our support case experience, starting on 11 May.

Panda corporate products cases now routed into WatchGuard systems

As part of our ongoing integration with Panda Security, support cases for Panda corporate products created through the Panda support site, via email or by phone, will now be tracked in WatchGuard systems. Customers with WatchGuard website logins can now submit Panda product cases and view open cases in...


Fireware and Authpoint: The power couple.

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Fireware 12.7 is now generally available, with a new simple integration between Authpoint and the Firebox. This new integration of two key products in the WatchGuard portfolio makes it easier to set up strong multi-factor authentication for VPNs through the Firebox. Security and convenience make this bundle a powerful tool for zero-trust implementations.

Direct Integration with Authpoint
We can’t trust passwords. They can be shared. Written down. Captured. Guessed. Cracked. Stolen. 80% of breaches involve lost or stolen credentials. Systems should be secured with strong authentication that...


New AuthPoint Time Schedule Policy Beta

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Earlier this year, we launched the AuthPoint Risk Framework, a powerful and flexible way to manage authentication policies. The latest AuthPoint beta focuses on time-based policy objects, which enable you to specify the dates and times when authentication policies apply to user authentications. You might configure a time schedule policy object if you want to:

  • Allow authentication only during specified times, such as work hours.
  • Restrict authentication during specific times, such as non-work hours and holidays.
  • Enforce different authentication requirements at different times.
  • Use a...

Released: New AuthPoint Self Service Portal Feature

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We are excited to announce that the Self-Service Portal feature is now available in AuthPoint!

This feature gives the users autonomy to activate their own tokens, both mobile and hardware, by accessing their company’s IdP portal. Users that are enrolling for the first time and still do not have an active token, can activate it as part of the login flow on the IdP portal. Users that are already enrolled and have an active token can also activate a new mobile or hardware token after they have logged into the –MFA protected- IdP portal. A key benefit for the operators is that they don’t need...


Endpoint Security API and ConnectWise Automate Integration

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We are happy to announce that the WatchGuard Endpoint Security API and ConnectWise integration is now available!

Early this year we released the WatchGuard Endpoint Security API, allowing our partners and customers to monitor and manage computers that run WatchGuard Endpoint Security software with greater automation.

The features available in the API will allow you to:

  • Auto deploy our endpoint protection
  • Build customized dashboards and reports tailored to your specific needs
  • Create tickets in your ticketing system if, for example, protection is down on a computer or a server



New Fireware releases available

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WatchGuard has posted new maintenance releases in the Software Download Center. These updates introduce several key bug fixes, as well as ongoing improvements to support Firebox configuration from WatchGuard Cloud. Release Notes provide details of all the resolved issues (link in version name below). 

Fireware 12.5.7 Update 1 is available for: 

  • T Series: T10, T15, T30, T35, T50, T55, and T70
  • M Series: M200 and M300

These appliances (except T55 and T70) will not be capable of running v12.7 and subsequent new feature releases. For more information, see this Knowledge Base article.


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