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Log, Report, and Quarantine Server deprecation

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Deprecation of older WatchGuard Server components
WatchGuard is announcing the deprecation of some older server components. WSM v12.8.x releases will still include these server components. Higher WSM releases, v12.9 and later, will include only the WSM Client and Management Server, and will not include the following: 

  • WatchGuard Log Server
  • WatchGuard Report Server
  • WatchGuard Quarantine Server  

WSM Log and Report servers have served well since their introduction in Fireware 10, but they no longer represent the best options available to our customers. WatchGuard now provides superior...


Fireware v12.8 Update 1

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Key points:
WatchGuard has posted a new maintenance update for Fireware v12.8. Update 1 includes several issues that have been fixed since the original 12.8 release. It also includes an update to the OpenSSL version to address CVE-2022-0778. See details  in the Release Notes

Does this release affect me?
Fireware 12.8 Update 1 is available for: 

  • T Series: T20, T40, T55, T70, and T80
  • M Series: M290, M390, M590, M690, M270, M370, M400, M440, M470, M500, M570, M670, M4600, M5600, M4800, and M5800
  • FireboxV and Firebox Cloud

How to upgrade
Firmware upgrades are included at no charge...


Maintenance on WatchGuard Cloud

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Maintenance on WatchGuard Cloud
Later today, 8th April 2022 at 11:30 pm UTC we will be performing maintenance on WatchGuard Cloud that may cause inability to log into WatchGuard Cloud.

When: 8th April 2022 at 11:30 pm UTCMaintenance Window: Approximately 2 hourService Interruptions: Approximately 1 hour (~ 11.30 PM UTC to 12.30 AM UTC)Impact: During the maintenance window, you may experience inability to log into WatchGuard Cloud. Existing sessions should not be affected. We expect these service interruptions to be less than one hour.

Maintenance updates and status of the service can be...


The AP432 joins WatchGuard's family of Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

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The biggest challenge tormenting Wi-Fi users is a poor connection that causes disruptions to productivity. We rely on and connect a majority of our devices to Wi-Fi more than ever before, which strains out-of-date wireless networks.

We’re excited to announce that the perfect solution for Wi-Fi has arrived.

WatchGuard’s AP432 is a high-performance 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 solution designed for high-density environments. It is managed in WatchGuard Cloud to ensure an uninterrupted wireless experience when various devices connect to the access point.

The AP432 is robust enough for high-density indoor...


New Fireware v12.8 Releases for Fireboxes

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The latest release of Fireware v12.8 for Fireboxes delivers various enhanced features. Find out more about the release in the 12.8 Release Notes and What’s New in 12.8 Presentation.

Key Features include:


  • SD-WAN Load Sharing: SD-WAN actions enables you to share traffic load across multiple SD-WAN interfaces. You can use this feature to distribute load across multiple ISPs or lines.
  • SD-WAN Actions in Device Configuration Templates: Management Server device configuration templates now support SD-WAN actions. This makes it easy to apply SD-WAN actions to multiple devices.
  • ...


New AuthPoint SAML Integration Makes Web Single Sign On (SSO) More Efficient

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AuthPoint now offers a SAML integration that allows admins to add custom attributes directly into the generic SAML resource configuration, which provides additional integration capabilities outside of documented integrations.

This feature will give partners, customers and prospects a great flexibility and speed when adding new protected resources. For example, Multiple out-of-the-box optional attributes are available, such as e-mail, first name, groups, or just a fixed value.

Key benefits for AuthPoint admins

  • Quick and fast deployment when needed: Most SAML-based integrations can now...

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