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The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) strengthens data protection rules across all of the European Economic Area and gives residents greater control over their personal data.

At our core, WatchGuard values the privacy of your personal data. We take steps to ensure security both in our products and throughout our company infrastructure. Our privacy initiatives are centered on protecting your data and preventing any threats that could come to it. We are committed to empowering the individual rights and transparency enumerated by the GDPR. We plan to be compliant with GDPR requirements prior to the enforcement date of 25 May, 2018.

Please contact our compliance team at [email protected] if you have any additional questions. Our privacy policy is located here. Our marketing material is located here.

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WatchGuard ha distribuito circa un milione di appliance per la gestione delle minacce integrate e multifunzione in tutto il mondo. Le scatole rosse con la nostra firma sono state ideate per essere i dispositivi più smart, veloci e implacabili con qualsiasi motore di scansione a pieno regime. Perché acquistare WatchGuard? Scoprilo qui.


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