WatchGuard Cloud Device Reports List

WatchGuard Cloud includes predefined reports that are automatically generated from the log message data from your devices.

The reports that are available for each device depend on the log message data that the device sent to WatchGuard Cloud. If the data required for a report has not been collected, the report does not appear on the Monitor page. For information about where to enable logging for reports in your device configuration, see Where to Enable Logging for Reports.

For information about how to run a report manually, see View WatchGuard Cloud Device Reports.

For information about how to schedule reports, see Schedule WatchGuard Cloud Reports.

If log messages from a proxy include the value NONE, reports based on those log messages also include the value NONE. If this occurs frequently, NONE can appear as the top entry in summary reports.

Available Reports

You can view available reports when you select a folder or a device.

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