DHCP Lease Activity Report

The DHCP Lease Activity report shows information about DHCPv4 leases assigned by the Firebox to network clients.

This report is available only if log messages with data for this report exist in the specified time frame. To make sure that your Firebox sends log messages required to generate this report , follow the steps to Enable Logging for this Report.

How to Use this Report

Use this report to see when the Firebox assigned IP addresses to network clients, identified by MAC address.

View the Report

This report is available in WatchGuard Cloud and in Dimension.

This report includes a row for each DHCP lease assigned by the Firebox. Each row includes this information:

Column Description
IP Address The IP address the Firebox assigned to the client.
Start Time The time that the client requested the lease
End Time The time that the lease expired.
MAC Address The MAC address of the device the IP address was assigned to.

Enable Logging for this Report

The Firebox always sends a log message for DHCP lease activity. There is nothing to configure to enable logging for this report.

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