Interface Summary Report

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes, Locally-managed Fireboxes

The Interface Summary report shows statistics and a chart of the data sent and received for each interface.

How to Use this Report

This report can help you to monitor activity on the interfaces configured on your device. Here are some ways to use this report:

  • Select a pivot to see traffic sent and received over a specific interface.
  • Select the by Rate filter to identify slow network traffic over specific interfaces.
  • Select the by Zone filter to see combined traffic statistics for interfaces of the same type (for example, all External interfaces).

View the Report

This report is available in WatchGuard Cloud and in Dimension.

In Dimension, this report does not include the option to see statistics by zone.


You can use pivots to change the type of the data to show on the report.

To switch to a different view, select a pivot from the drop-down list above the report.

The report includes these pivots for the selected interface or zone:

By Bytes

Shows the amount of data received and sent, in bytes.

By Packets

Shows the number of packets received and sent.

By Rate

Shows the data transfer rate (kbps) of data received and sent.

Detail View

Detail view is not available for this report.

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